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Our Nutritionist


Gary Baverstock

About Me.
 I am an accomplished chef with almost 30 years experience where I have gained a comprehensive knowledge of food. I also hold a first class honours degree in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy, from the prestigious University of Westminster, where I won the Nutri Centre CAM Academic Award for achieving the highest final grade in 2008.

As a chef I have always been curious about the chemical reactions that take place during the cooking of food and why it made me feel so good eating it! I became eager to understand about its nutritional value, and how cooking affects food and how food affects the body. Put simply, how our mood, energy, health and wellbeing can be affected by what we eat.

10 years ago I made some simple changes to my own diet to help improve my energy levels and the results were startling! This made me decide to study a degree in Nutritional Therapy, so I could fully understand the role that food (nutrition) has in the body, and to help people find better energy levels themselves and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What are we doing?
Vacherin’s passion for food, coupled with my knowledge of nutritional biochemistry can help people make the right choices – by identifying the beneficial foods, understanding their nutritional benefits and any lifestyle changes that are needed to help achieve better heath. I believe that achieving a realistic dietary balance, that is sustainable, is key in promoting and maintaining good health. I also understand the importance of the mind-body connection (how one affects the other) and its role in achieving balance and supporting health.

My ethos is to help people promote self-empowerment and control over their own health and wellbeing. With this in mind I have helped Vacherin develop the Nutritious & Delicious range that will provide some extra nutritious food offers and to provide healthy living / nutrition information to their customers. The range focuses on providing balance & energy and to support the mind, whilst also helping people identify foods that can provide them with the better nutritional choices.

This has been achieved by creating new recipes and improving the nutritional credentials of our other classic recipes. We now have over 160 new recipes that have been analysed using a sophisticated diet software program to fit under our four special devised categories.