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Welcome to Health Matters!


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‘Health Matters’ are Vacherin’s health promotion days that demonstrate our commitment to improving our customers’ health and wellbeing. These ‘days’ provide diet and lifestyle advice on a variety of topics that are both current and relevant to the workplace. Addressing some important health issues, such as Stress, Heart Health and Blood Sugar Balancing we have also included some more light hearted subjects, such as getting fit for summer, resulting in a diverse annual plan of health promotion. Each month we provide extensive information on the varying topics and promote certain dishes that contain the key health promoting nutrients, enabling our clients to identify the foods that can really benefit.

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2018 – JAN – Top tips for a new you!


Month 2015 2016 2017
January Detox Emotional Eating The Secret of Eating Well
February Boosting Energy Weight Gain Food & Mood
March Eating Well Depression Sports Nutrition
April Sleep Hygiene Cholesterol Boosting Energy
May Weight Loss Tips Hypertension Stress Management
June Looking Good Inflammation & Diet Balancing Blood Sugar
July Hydration Metabolism Sleep Hygiene
August Blood Sugar Balance Autoimmune Conditions Hydration
September Stress Management Diabetes Respiratory System
October Immune Support Macular Degeneration Optimal Digestion
November Pretox Insomnia Health Eating Through the Party Season
December Nervous System Support Optimum Digestion Immune Support