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Welcome to Vacherin’s Food in Focus!


Vacherin’s Food in Focus are a great opportunity for us to help our customers understand some basic science and the truth behind certain key foods in our diet. Our Nutritionist Gary Baverstock helps to demystify foods ranging from Sugar, Fats & Carbohydrates, to Coconut, Sodium and Chocolate.

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2018 – JAN – Vegan Foods


Month 2015 2016 2017
January Sugar and sugar substitutes Yoghurt 7 A Day
February Fats Starchy Veg Brain Food
March Carbohydrates Herbs Leafy Greens
April Chocolate Fruits Chocolate
May Coffee Leafy Greens Plant & Animal Protein
June Red Meat Pulses Hydrating Foods
July Sodium Plant Based Dairy Berries
August Eggs Seaweed Waters
September Coconut Oily Fish Omega 3
October Grains Seeds Probiotics
November Milk Alcohol Spices
December Spices Nuts Alcohol